Welcome to Eclipse Phase – Titanomachy

This campaign will be based in the standard Eclipse Phase universe, a partial follow up to the one off I ran previously. However, since the only people that played that and are likely to be interested in the move to online didn’t survive that adventure, it is no major plot point or anything.

For whatever reason of your choosing, you have gained the notice of FIREWALL, a secret organization dedicated to stopping the TITANS, a series of self advancing AI’s that nearly wiped out humanity before disappearing. Now FIREWALL has learned that one of the Hypercorps in the core may be working with one, or perhaps has one captive, and they need you to act on it.

This will be a campaign high on action and adventure, and less on social interaction and manipulation, with a fair bit of espionage thrown in for good measure. Still there will be opportunities for face characters to shine, and it won’t always be non-stop combat. (In fact, I expect combat to play only minor parts) By the end I expect things to be set up to allow for interesting future adventures as well.

Eclipse Phase - Titanomachy

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