Fox-Wall is one of the many Hypercorps that control the inner system. One of the most powerful, Fox-Wall maintains several space colonies and a large military force.


One of the oldest Hypercorps, Fox-Wall dates back to pre-war earth, and several of the large corporations that existed then. It was created after several large corporations started to merge together, in one such case Fox-Wall was born. The exact nature of its role prior to its expansion into space is largely unknown now.



Though not aggressive in and of itself, it has taken advantage of other conflicts to expand its areas of control, this has lead some to theorize that they actually have caused the conflicts they then take advantage of.


Fox-Wall has been accused of numerous worker abuses, including slavery in all but name in some of their facilities. Despite this, little evidence of actual abuse has been found, and no serious actions have been taken against them as a result.


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