Sons of Che


Formed of martian exiles initially, the extremist views and ideology preached by their charismatic leader, who goes by the name Nova Che, caught on among many of the more desperate and downtrodden in the system who blame the Hypercorps for their current condition. They see themselves as noble freedom fighters set against a evil and cruel system of injustice. Others would argue them violent terrorists.

Nova Che has built the group to act as a capable threat, and used repurposed cold war propaganda to help spread his message.

Base of Operations

the Sons of Che typically never stay in one place for long, but you’ve heard they are currently working out of the Sanctum.

Sanctum is an anarchist station in the Kuiper Belt, it is a hollowed out asteroid devoid of most inner system luxuries but is hard to find unless you have a accurate map of that region of the belt.

Sons of Che

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